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I'm not that new but thought I'd say hello anyways!

Hi there!
I joined almost 2 months ago because I WANTED a job at something disneyland (getting in FREE rocks right?) so I joined in hopes I would be hired. I've now been working almost 6 weeks at "The Lego Store" in downtown disney. So I'm a cast member, getting 10% off most places in downtown disney and 20% off some and 20% in disneyland. Lots of fun! I dont get as many hours as I wanted and I may one day soon (my sister says its 6 months to do so) switch to the park. Right now I'm still in downtown disney. My sister works at the Rainforest Cafe the retail same area but been there longer then me!

So yeah oh my name is Holly Johnson. Come say hi to me if you want! Evenings on Sunday & Tuesdays, mornings Mondays and Wednesdays!

Me and my sister have been to both disneyland and california adventure several times whenever we can get a free moment. I'm not bored of it yet. All we pay for is food and thats cheep too.

I've gotten way too into disney though. I've been reading both of the Mouse Tale books (great stuff btw!) and I have the Classic Disney 5 cd box set now and I'm listening now. I've caught up on watching all my favorie disney cartoons almost. Still have a few to watch. I want to own them all and I'm even interested in the cartoons which are the oldest, story details, etc. I'm really odd. I think the fact I am out of college now with not much to do has something to do with it :)) oh well!

Thanx for listening to me jabber. Hope to hear some great stuff from you peoples! Sorry I dont work the park but I do work as a CAST MEMBER no difference there still free stuff, discounts, etc. I've lived in Anaheim since I was born so almost 25 years this is a long time coming! :))

take care!
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