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Cast Members' Journal
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Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
12:49 pm
Play 20 Questions: Disney online.
Its quite addicting! =)


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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
1:39 am
Disney living question :)
Hey everyone! I need some help :)

I currently live in Michigan, and I'm debating on moving to the Orlando area. I am still a seasonal Cast Member being that I've been a campus rep for the College Program for 3 years. (I just called Casting today to find out)

Anyway, my question to all of you is what apartments do many of the Cast Members live in? I know there could be a hundred of them, but I need to at least get city names, or ones that people already are living at that they like, ect. Any sort of websites that you know of that could help me start the search would be excellent.

I would greatly appreciate any comments/suggestions/names/ect. Anything to allow me to start researching!

Thank you in advance!
Saturday, July 1st, 2006
8:04 pm

Read all about Tinker Bell... the movie... I am so excited!
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
5:16 pm
Thought you guys might be interested in this. I'm really happy that Disney has Oswald back!
Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
9:19 am
How come it always feels like time is dragging when you really want it to go by fast...
I wish it was July already... I can't wait to move to Orlando. We are leaving after the 4th of July holiday because we are driving from NJ to FL. 
Sure I am going to miss everyone, but I am excited to start my adventure. 
My ebay auctions have been going well. There are a few Beauty and the Beast Items and a Princesses Snowglobe.
I am trying to sell as much as I can so that there is less to move. 
I will be living in the land of the mouse... so I am sure I will not have trouble starting another collection of things. 

Countdown... Only 21 days till we leave..... Usually I want time to go slow but I can't wait any longer... AH! LOL

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
4:15 pm

My hubby and I are moving to Orlando next month. 
I just had to live in the land of the mouse.
We are selling a few items on ebay to clear out what we can...
There are a few Disney items incase anyone is interested.

Have a Happy Day!

Current Mood: hopeful
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
12:40 pm
Sunday, June 19th, 2005
1:11 am
Flatward Bound!
Heading to the themed lands of Central FLaw tomorrow with my sweetie who has NEVER been to Neverland or anywhere is down there!

you can read more in my most recent post...

I plan to take many photos... and, if I can, sneak backstage to visit old friends...

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Current Mood: geeky
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
8:12 am
Rest in Peace Thurl Ravenscroft.

May you haunt the Haunted Mansion (or a box of Frosted Flakes) until your hearts content.


Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
3:30 pm
A recent post in my personal journal documents my take on some events that transpired while I worked for Disney's Animal Kingdom as a stilt walker...
The topic regards issues which affected entertainers from all over... plus I think that it might make for an interesting look behind the scenes!

Read Here: Stand & Deliver

(Cross posted to the several theme park journals. Sorry for duplicate posts.)

Current Mood: nostalgic
Sunday, March 27th, 2005
7:58 pm
(cross posted to disney_magic & disneypictures)

My roomies went 'junking' this weekend and found 3 Disneyland records from 1968...
all 3 appear to be in great condition with very little damage...

One of the records I told her I'd buy off her if she'd sell it...
it's an audio tour of the The Enchanted Tiki Room & The Jungle Cruise boasting a "magnificent full-color illustrated book and long playing record"...

I've scanned in the front and back cover art as well as some details from the interior and liner notes...

Click on the pic to find them.

So seeing this reminded me of the old version of the Tiki Room Attraction and I was wondering how people feel about the changes... so, it's Poll Time!

Poll #462873 Tiki Room: Old Audio or New Audio?

Which version of the Enchanted Tiki Room do you prefer?

the Old
the New
never heard either.
I don't care, it's Disney; it's all good.
can't stand the attraction!
Friday, January 14th, 2005
7:51 am
On another board there were a couple people looking for WDW music, just thought I would post this here too.

There are tons of stations out there that stream the Disney parks to your home! I personally recommend live365.com..it is free streaming audio 24/7 and there are about 10 disney stations on there. My favorites are Radio Buena Vista, Intercot and Mousetrips.

Have Fun!

Kelly :)
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
12:35 pm
Flashback! 2005 info...
Help Kick off the 50th with a true Disneyland Original- Flashback
If you like to sing, dance, perform or just have fun, Flashback may be the adventure of a lifetime for you. Each year, Cast Members from around the Resort work together to produce Flashback, a collection of themed musicals composed of songs spanning the last several decades. A new local charity is selected each year to benefit from the money raised from the ticket sales. This year the Anaheim Family YMCA and Acacia Adult Day Center in Garden Grove are the beneficiaries. You will be having fun while helping others.

Cast Members interested in joining the cast of Flashback for 2005 should attend the annual kick-off meeting, Monday, January 3 from 8:30 to 11 p.m. in the Disneyland Resort Entertainment Rehearsal Halls. A commitment of three hours a night, four nights a week for seven weeks after park hours with two show dates in late February--- all counting as volunteer hours. Big and small roles will be available. Every Cast Member is guaranteed a role.
No agents, no headshots needed...
Monday, December 20th, 2004
3:35 am
newbie :)
hello!! not only am i a newbie to this community but also as a Cast Member. so cool you guys have and LJ for this :)
So lets see, my name is Jackie, and i'm 20. work at Disneyland Resort, Cali. Been with Disney for about....lets see, a little over 2 months now. best job i've ever had~

i'm in Store Ops. DL- East Side.
today was my first shift as a Hat Writer....boy, did i suck ass!! everyone keeps telling me i'll get the hang of it, i honestly don't think i will. but i hoping to prove myself wrong, ehhh.

they say that the machine can't hurt you but somehow, my dumbass proved them wrong :) i have no idea how this happened or when it happened, i just clipped a tiny little chunk off my thumb. and not in the corner, nor top...but in the middle below the nail...i really didn't notice until i felt a slight tingle and saw that i was bleeding. oh the fun times ;)

welp, i hope to get to know you all, and good nite~

Current Mood: sleepy
Saturday, November 13th, 2004
6:04 pm
Pretty Picture!

Hello LJ friends! I got a new camera recently, and I took the picture below on Veteran's Day. Probably my FAVORITE picture thus far, or in the top 10 at least :) Let me know what you think. I got bored and captioned it too :)

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, October 28th, 2004
4:09 am
Look at the pretty castle! I can't wait for the 50th! Disneyland is getting much needed rennovations!

Fellow Cast member tweedldum9's pics on his blogCollapse )

Current Mood: indescribable
Saturday, October 9th, 2004
7:20 pm
I'm not that new but thought I'd say hello anyways!
Hi there!
I joined almost 2 months ago because I WANTED a job at something disneyland (getting in FREE rocks right?) so I joined in hopes I would be hired. I've now been working almost 6 weeks at "The Lego Store" in downtown disney. So I'm a cast member, getting 10% off most places in downtown disney and 20% off some and 20% in disneyland. Lots of fun! I dont get as many hours as I wanted and I may one day soon (my sister says its 6 months to do so) switch to the park. Right now I'm still in downtown disney. My sister works at the Rainforest Cafe the retail same area but been there longer then me!

So yeah oh my name is Holly Johnson. Come say hi to me if you want! Evenings on Sunday & Tuesdays, mornings Mondays and Wednesdays!

Me and my sister have been to both disneyland and california adventure several times whenever we can get a free moment. I'm not bored of it yet. All we pay for is food and thats cheep too.

I've gotten way too into disney though. I've been reading both of the Mouse Tale books (great stuff btw!) and I have the Classic Disney 5 cd box set now and I'm listening now. I've caught up on watching all my favorie disney cartoons almost. Still have a few to watch. I want to own them all and I'm even interested in the cartoons which are the oldest, story details, etc. I'm really odd. I think the fact I am out of college now with not much to do has something to do with it :)) oh well!

Thanx for listening to me jabber. Hope to hear some great stuff from you peoples! Sorry I dont work the park but I do work as a CAST MEMBER no difference there still free stuff, discounts, etc. I've lived in Anaheim since I was born so almost 25 years this is a long time coming! :))

take care!

Current Mood: amused
12:14 am
Can anyone help an ex-cast member and first time disneyland visitor????
My best friend is in from Seattle and has never been to disneyland so I told her I would take her while she's here. I'm low on cash (as most college students usually are) and am hoping that someone would extend their "magic" hand and sign us in. Please, please, please!!
Monday, October 4th, 2004
1:18 am
Hello everyone! I work at Disneyland and thought I would join this community! I am a Lead in the Parade Department and am currently with "Disney's Electrical Parade" in DCA (Disney's Cali Adventure in case no one knows the lingo). I am very much excited to be posting here and I just want to say hi! =o)

Current Mood: geeky
Friday, September 24th, 2004
11:52 pm
Hey, do any Disneyland Resort cast members know of any positions that would be worth applying for at this time of the year? Any help would be great, thanks!

Current Mood: tired
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