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newbie :)

hello!! not only am i a newbie to this community but also as a Cast Member. so cool you guys have and LJ for this :)
So lets see, my name is Jackie, and i'm 20. work at Disneyland Resort, Cali. Been with Disney for about....lets see, a little over 2 months now. best job i've ever had~

i'm in Store Ops. DL- East Side.
today was my first shift as a Hat Writer....boy, did i suck ass!! everyone keeps telling me i'll get the hang of it, i honestly don't think i will. but i hoping to prove myself wrong, ehhh.

they say that the machine can't hurt you but somehow, my dumbass proved them wrong :) i have no idea how this happened or when it happened, i just clipped a tiny little chunk off my thumb. and not in the corner, nor top...but in the middle below the nail...i really didn't notice until i felt a slight tingle and saw that i was bleeding. oh the fun times ;)

welp, i hope to get to know you all, and good nite~
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